It is currently Mon 27-Mar-2023 01:39 ownership transfer to poVoq and will survive the upcoming march 2023 instance purge

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Small meta update: transferred the ownership of the domain to me today. I hope he will be still around as an admin, but as we are preparing to migrate this Lemmy instance to my server it is easier that I am also in control of the domain. There might be some outage while the domain is being transferred to my DNS registrar.

Sometimes before March 2023 we need to transfer the actual instance from the current hosting kindly provided by the Lemmy developers (the one year free offer). I hope to be able to provide an as good if not better hosting (also within the EU), but it remains to be seen how that works out. In case you are wondering: I am just some guy hosting various FOSS stuff privately, so no commercial entity or anything like that involved.

Given that this will be technically a transfer of personal data under the GDPR regulations (and Lemmy doesn't have any specific GDPR compliance tools) I would like to kindly ask people with a account to object here in the comments if they do not agree to me taking over. In that case I will remove their account from the database once I transfer it to my server. Or even better: just delete your account in the coming weeks.

Once things are safely transferred I will probably look into enabling additional services. My initial plan is to make XMPP chat rooms and maybe linked accounts available under the same domain.

Oh and if you are an active member and are interested in becoming an admin please send me a DM. No need to be a sysadmin, as moderation etc. also needs additional help.

For now there is no option or need to donate, but I might put up a small donation link in the future if there is a demand for it.
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