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Just watched M3gan, enjoyed it.

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Just watched M3gan, enjoyed it.

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Just finished watching M3GAN after seeing a recommendation from podcast of the lotus eaters. It was a good film.

One of the core requirements of a good thriller is it's a morality tale: The main character needs to do something to deserve what's coming next. Often, that's a man cheating on his wife or something of the sort. In this case, it's a woman's hubris and neglect of her niece so she could improve her career.

It spends a lot of time talking about society, and the effect of screens on children, and our fetishization of tech, and the tech cycle. It also hints at some of the threats of AI. A year ago, I would have scoffed at it, but seeing the power of ChatGPT, it's become real fodder for horror.

Ultimately, the main character realizes they did wrong and repent, and that sets the stage for the climax.

Overall, it was really satisfying.

Really neat thing about the whole movie is it's a successful movie that isn't based on a previous thing. It's an original idea, and it's a well executed movie. It would be nice if the overwhelming success of this movie (it's made 10x the initial investment already) helps promote good filmmaking and original ideas.