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New LemmyBB version 0.2.1


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New LemmyBB version 0.2.1

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A new LemmyBB version is available! The main features are:
  • Admins and mods can remove posts
  • Badges for admins, mods and banned users
  • Moderation log
  • All pages have a title now
  • New feature to build LemmyBB with embedded Lemmy, in a single binary
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
This new version requires Lemmy 0.17.0 or higher. When upgrading, make sure to follow the Lemmy upgrade instructions, particularly the PostgreSQL upgrade. To upgrade with Docker installation, simply change the image in docker-compose.yml to lemmynet/lemmybb:0.2.1 and run docker-compose up -d. In case of manual installation, checkout the git tag 0.2.1, run cargo build --release and deploy the resulting binary. It is also recommended to increase the rate limits, because LemmyBB makes more requests than lemmy-ui. To do this, visit /admin in lemmy-ui and change the values for "Message rate limit" and "Search rate limit" to a high number like 9999.

Full changelog
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