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Does Podman run have a noconfirm setting?

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Does Podman run have a noconfirm setting?

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Does podman run (among other commands) have a noconfirm type of option/config? Like apt's $ apt-get install --yes pacman, which will install pacman and automatically answer yes to any questions that might pop-up.

In podman, when you have a conf like this in /etc/containers/registries.conf:

unqualified-search-registries = ['', '']

and you run something like:

$ podman run -it --rm archlinux bash -C "echo hello world"

It might happen that both of those registries have a container called archlinux. In this case podman will stop and ask you to choose. I would like to just default to the first option.

Here's a blog post about container registries and podman (which didn't help but it's still interesting):