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Question about the rules of febiBB


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Question about the rules of febiBB

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I understand that Lemmy is federated and I can create my own instance anytime, but I would like to know the rules of this instance and if they are free speech oriented or fucked over already by the lefty leaders of Lemmy.

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Question about the rules of febiBB

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Its somewhere in the middle. On some admins tend to ban people for having the wrong political opinion, thats something i want to avoid. However its not free speech either, if you insult other users or pmake offensive posts, i will do something about it.

But my hope is that this different format can help to lead to more mature and in-depth discussion, where people can actually exchange their views without bickering about their political ideologies.
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Question about the rules of febiBB

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I added this instance to my list assuming it's at least neutral which is all I ask.

I always look before adding because I don't want to go where I'm not welcome and this instance seemed chill enough.