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Hello fediBB :)


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Hello fediBB :)

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Hi, I'm new here!

I'm Enrique, and I'm from Spain. I'm planning to host a spanish-speaking instance of LemmyBB in the near future, so expect lots of questions and bugreports I've been using forums since 1999, I like them a lot, and in spite of today's lack of sexiness of this technology, I think the slower pace of forums versus the fast pace of social networks still has its place, and leads to a higher quality of conversation. So, obviously, I think this is a very interesting project

I'm a sysadmin by trade, and for practical purposes, I don't know how to program, so bear that in mind. I know this is a young project, but I'm ok with being an early adopter, and I'm interested in helping this project go forward and mature.

I've tried to put an answer on the "Hello world introductions thread", but when I try to answer, I'm greeted by an 500 sever error, so new topic then. I've poked around a little bit, and I've seen that some topics allow answering, and some fail with the 500 error.

Best regards.
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Hello fediBB :)

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The really cool thing to me is federation. Everyone used to have a forum and that sort of fell by the wayside because of more centralized platforms being more convenient. If instead you could subscribe to forums from your personal account wherever it's hosted, I think that could bring back the forum because people could be part of multiple communities at once.

I think this project has a lot of potential in that regard!

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Hello fediBB :)

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Bienvenido! Estoy de acuerdo que los foros tradicionales permiten un discurso más profundo y de mejor calidad. Por eso creé el proyecto.

Tambien veo el error que dices, voy a investigar el problema.
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